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Optimizing track-mounted crushing & screening

We like Telestack’s approach and products, as it closes the loop in terms of being able to optimize the benefits of tracked crushing and screening.  Their equipment fills a gap we have found within most North American manufacturers of tracked equipment.

Telestack’s tracked conveying and bmh (bulk materials handling) product line is very comprehensive, however what is relevant in terms of this discussion is their line of tracked stackers and feed bins.  You can visit them at

The financial and operational reasons for going with tracked crushers and screens are primarily related to their increased mobility versus conventional wheel-mounted plants.  The payback for tracked crushers is generally a result of their increased onsite mobility and/or quick setup and teardown times.  This allows more crushing time on smaller jobs, which translates to more revenue per operating shift.  The bottom line is that maximizing equipment mobility is critical in terms of optimizing the payback of tracked crushers and screens.

Mixing conventional equipment such as portable wheel-mounted conveyors with tracked equipment often negates or reduces the benefits of this increased mobility. Telestack’s equipment solves this dilemma.

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